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Portugal group tour

A Scenic Escape: Portugal Group Tours

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Portugal group tour

There is a lot to be said about Portugal. It is especially known for its stunning sea, cork products, and historic cities. But what stands out for most visitors is how eclectic this country is. Every destination feels different. It is so much like stepping into a new world each time.

We have rounded up some of our favorite Portugal travel destinations to help you get started on your own adventure.

Portugal Highlights and Features

Portugal group tour1. Quinta da Regaleira (Sintra, Portugal)

Designed by Carvalho Monteiro, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is an enigmatic four-hectare estate filled with grottoes, tunnels, fountains, and caves. Deriving from Gothic, Renaissance, Roman, and Manueline architectural styles, every building in the property hides symbols related to Masonry, alchemy, the Rosicrucians, and the Knights Templar. The gardens are just as elaborate as the rest of the property, with statues, caves, and ponds that are connected by gorgeous pathways and underground tunnels. The palace also features a chapel and an aquarium.

2. Covão dos Conchos

Although mysterious and surreal at first glance, the opening in Lagoa da Serra da Estrela is actually a manmade funnel that leads to a long tunnel. Many confuse this as a natural sinkhole; when in fact, Covão dos Conchos is a wonder of engineering. Designed to provide nearby communities with fresh water, the funnel looks like the stuff from a sci-fi movie. This spillway only started gaining popularity when it went viral in 2016. It is located in Serra da Estrela natural park and features a hike that is around 6 miles long. Do not forget to bring drinking water and wear comfortable shoes.

3. Sao Bento Station (Porto, Portugal)

For most of us, railway stations are just stopovers, shuttling people back and forth. But the Sao Bento Station in Porto tells a story, literally. The structure is filled with 20,000 magnificent azulejo tin-glazed ceramic tiles that depict the country’s colorful history—including its wars, royalty, and transportation history. It took artist Jorge Colaço 11 years (completed in 1916) to place the blue and white tiles. It is a lot like stepping into an actual museum. This will be an excellent stop in your Portugal photography adventure.

Portugal group tour4. Benagil Caves (Lagoa, Portugal)

The Algarve coastline is home to dozens of grottos, but one stands out: Benagil Caves. Like a typical sea cave, the Benagil cave was shaped over the years by the pounding Atlantic waves. However, thanks to its natural skylight, the cave bathes in light, giving it an almost otherworldly vibe. There is also a wide sandy beach inside this grotto that is only accessible from the water. Thankfully, there are many tour operators that offer such excursions. It is best to visit during the morning to witness the grottos bathing in light.

Portugal is a dream come true. It is the perfect mix of nature, history, and culture. There is something for everyone. Indeed, Portugal group tours are the perfect break from our mundane schedules.

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