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Elephant in the room

Royal Zambezi Lodge: The Ultimate Safari Experience in Style

This 5 star luxury safari is truly a once in a lifetime experience! Whether you are joining our Botswana & Victoria Falls Safari Extension or not, this unbeatable deal cannot be missed. It is the best luxury safari value on the market and we are confident you will find no comparable itineraries that even come close to what we are offering. In fact, the price we negotiated is 50% OFF compared to the standard rate. If you have ever wanted to explore the remote parts of Africa in style, comfort, and absolute off the path adventure for a fraction of the cost, this is your chance. Our friends at Royal Zambezi lodge pride themselves on being the premiere lodge along the Zambezi river and you will quickly know why once you read their reviews on TripAdvisor. Email us to see the daily itinerary at

Lion Kill

*For those who are not joining our Botswana & Vic Falls Extension Trip this year and want to experience this unbeatable deal, we are happy to arrange a custom 3-7 night Cape Town or Victoria Falls package to add onto this program. Please contact:

* 4 nights/5 Days Luxury Safari Adventure 

* Round Trip Private Domestic Charter Flights Included (600.00 USD Value!)

Royal Zambezi Lodge, Zambia (Ultimate All Inclusive Luxury)

Royal Zambezi

This place is one of a kind in the best possible way. In fact it’s the most luxurious & remote property in Africa we have ever offered.  Royal Zambezi Lodge offers a spacious but intimate privately owned lodge, situated in Zambia on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River just minutes from the Lower Zambezi National Park and directly opposite Zimbabwe’s famous Mana Pools World Heritage Site.  As the setting  is so special and unique we have kept the lodge in keeping with the bush while still providing 5 Star accommodation. The lodge finds the perfect balance between contemporary, simplistic style and extreme comfort offering a completely unspoiled wilderness experience. With lions roaring in the distance and hippos snorting nearby, the luxurious thatched suites, elegant design, and gourmet cuisine of Royal Zambezi Lodge provide a perfect base from which to explore this wild and beautiful area. There are no fences around the lodge and we have regular guests including elephant, hippo, buffalo, lion, leopard and many types of birds coming to visit. We also have a few residents who I am sure you will meet – like Yale the elephant, Dave the crocodile, and Jonathan the giant kingfisher!

Royal Zambezi

*Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner everyday (All beverages including alcohol included)

* 2 Game Drives or other Safari Activities everyday

The Game Activities (2 included each day)

Game Drives: 

An open vehicle offers all round views and an elevated aspect which helps considerably when searching afar for game. It also facilitates moving reasonably quickly from one place to another especially if lion sightings for example are reported over the on-board radio. They are purpose built and equipped with sun shade roofs and warm ponchos for the late trip back to the lodge in the evening. They are also equipped with hand held spotlights for night viewing which can be most exciting when the nocturnal creatures such as leopards, civets, porcupines, genets and aardvarks, to mention but a few, come out to hunt and forage for food. Each day, morning and afternoon game drives offer opportunities to experience and photograph the best Africa has to offer including lions, leopards, hippos, crocodiles, elephants, cape buffalo, zebras, a diverse array of bird species, and so much more.

Boat Cruises (River Safaris):

boat safarisThere’s always something happening on the river and the breeze out there is quite refreshing particularly on a cloudless and relentlessly sunny day. Wildlife knows no such boundaries and downstream there are national parks on both sides.There is a rich variety of birds on it’s banks, reedbeds, backwaters and sandy shores particularly when the palearctic migrants are around. You will see the ubiquitous fish eagle or an osprey often taking larger fish from the river and there are myriad kingfishers of all shapes, colors and sizes who are partial to the smaller ones. One is always on the lookout for crocs and the boatman or guide will make sure you are able to get that close-up of the big one before it enters the water. The hippos of course are always around and your guide will know just how close you can safely go. All the large mammals come to the river to drink and in the case of elephants to simply frolick in the water. They let you come close enough to get some really amusing pictures of their antics. You will often see lion, buffalo, kudu, bushbuck, water buck and many other larger animals on the river bank as, unlike the elephant, they have a healthy respect for crocs. Cruises are always stocked with refreshments of your choice and it’s pleasant to enjoy a sundowner on a sandy island with elephant nearby and perhaps have a game of boule before switching on the spotlight to search for those bright eyes in the water and on the banks on the way back to the lodge. For those who are interested, a trip further upriver will allow you to see the riverside villagers happily fishing, bathing and washing their clothes in the river in the same way as they have for centuries. They seem to know when the crocs are around!

Bush Walks:

People argue that the best way to see the bush is to walk in it. In many ways we feel they are correct as this intimate form of mixing with nature permits a close study of the various plants, animals, spoor, lairs, burrows, nests and more. Your guides have usually been born and raised in the bush and you will be astonished at their ability to spot the abnormal. You will also be amazed at how quickly you adapt to the surroundings and start to notice unusual movements, colours etc. Real bush craft takes time to develop and whether you’ve “been here before” or it’s your first time in Africa there will be something of interest. For some it’s the sounds that are the most interesting and it’s exciting to track down that tiny Pearl Spotted Owlet just from its call. Is that a hippo or a lion calling? Is that hyena far away? Your guide will be accompanied by an armed scout and the perceived ‘dangers’ will soon be forgotten as you blend into the wilderness and become part of it. Naturally colored clothing is best particularly when stalking or avoiding that elusive antelope or even lion, buffalo or elephant and of course comfortable shoes are essential.

luxury safaris

Other Included Activities include:

  • Mountain Hiking
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing

* Privately guided small group tour as always!

* All Taxes & Fees included (not including Zambia Visa obtained on arrival: $50.00)

* All Transfers and ground transportation included

* Roommate Pairing to save money as always!

* International Airfare is not included but we will assist all guests with finding the best flight if needed! Specific arrival/departure times needed TBD…

*If booking with the Vic Falls & Botswana Safari Extension or any other combined package we are always available to assist with proper routing and finding the best flights. 

* Email us to see daily itinerary at

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Cancellation Policy & Refunds

*There is a $100.00 administrative fee for all cancellations. Cancellations made 90 days or more prior to departure are fully refundable except for the $100 fee. Cancellations less than 90 days prior to departure date will receive no refund of full amount due. No refunds on unused portions of the tour. After airline tickets are issued, airline cancellations are per the airline’s policy and are usually non-refundable and changeable with a fee plus new ticket price.

*Hotels subject to change based on availability

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